Pediatric Neurosurgical Service in Ukraine


  • Yuriy Orlov Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev, Ukraine



pediatric neurosurgical service, bed capacity, security, surgical activity, lethality


The purpose: to estimate the status of neurosurgical care to children in Ukraine.

Materials. The results of study of hospital beds, medical staff and work of pediatric neurosurgeons in Ukraine in a period from 2003 to 2013 are presented. They were compared with indicators of neurosurgical service at the adults and data from other countries.

Results. During analysis activities of pediatric neurosurgical service in a period for 10 years main trends retention was shown: increasing the number of children required neurosurgical help, in the structure of hospitalized children traumatic injuries of the nervous system dominated, surgical activity increased. Provision with neurosurgical pediatric beds in the children’s population is almost twice lower than in adults, there are almost three times more children than adults per one neurosurgical bed. The situation is similar at provision with pediatric neurosurgeons (0.8 children per 100 000 pediatric population, among adults — 1.8).

Conclusions. 1. Provision with pediatric neurosurgical beds and neurosurgeons does not meet the standards of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and more than two times lower than in adult population.

2. Provision of neurosurgical care to children with traumatic injuries of the nervous system is not possible at the moment without participation of adult hospitals with modern diagnostic equipment.

3. Reorganization of pediatric neurosurgical service in Ukraine should be carried out taking into consideration hospitals’ technical equipment and the specialists training.


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