Neurosurgical service in Ukraine




neurosurgical service, availability of neurosurgical beds, intensity of neurosurgical bed use, availability of neurosurgeons, operating load per one neurosurgeon, surgical activity, postoperative lethality


Objective: To examine the state of neurosurgical service in Ukraine.

Materials and methods. The results of continuous study of hospital beds quantity, staffing and clinical work of neurosurgical units in Ukraine from 1998 to 2012 are given. Statistical data processing was carried out using time series analysis, correlation and regression analyzes.

Results. In 2012 in Ukraine availability of neurosurgical beds was 0.86 per 10,000 (1 bed per 11,650 population), the availability of neurosurgeons — 1.82 per 100,000 (1 neurosurgeon per 54,813 population). 102,947 patients (2,260 per 1 million population) were treated in neurosurgical units and 45,350 of them (996 per 1 million population) have been operated. Surgical activity was 44.1%, postoperative lethality — 4.4%.

Conclusion. The availability of neurosurgical beds and neurosurgeons in Ukraine is high enough. The intensity of beds use and operating load per one neurosurgeon are low. Indicators of highly specialized effective neurosurgical care providing have a strong positive trend in Ukraine. Ukrainian neurosurgery has a good reserve for intensive mastering of new areas of medical innovations.

Author Biographies

Eugene Pedachenko, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev


Nikolay Sapon, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev

Scientific Organizing Department

Andriy Huk, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev

Scientific Organizing Department

Anna Nikiforova, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev

Scientific Organizing Department


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