Vol 25, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents

Review articles

The classifications of subaxial cervical spine traumatic injuries. Part 2. The Subaxial Injury Classification and Severity Scale (SLIC) PDF (Русский)
Ievgenii I. Slynko, Oleksii S. Nekhlopochyn, Vadim V. Verbov 5-15

Original articles

Risk factors of cognitive impairment in patients with blast-related mild traumatic brain injury PDF (Українська)
Lidia L.   Chebotariova, Oleksandr S. Solonovych, Mykola V. Kadzhaya , Albina I. Tretiakova, Anastasiia S. Solonovych , Kateryna V. Pronoza-Stebliuk, Vsevolod V. Stebliuk 16-24
Intraoperative aneurysm rupture — the main complication in microsurgery of cerebral aneurysms PDF (Українська)
Artur V. Byndiu, Mikhail Y. Orlov, Maksim V. Yeleynik, Svetlana O. Lytvak 25-33
The usage of tractography of the spinal cord as a predictor of neurological disorders regression in patients with severe cervical spine and spinal cord injury PDF (Українська)
Ievgenii I. Slynko, Oleksii S. Nekhlopochyn, Kristiana O. Robak  34-44
The results of simultaneous revascularization operations of the carotid and coronary territory in patients with multifocal atherosclerosis PDF (Українська)
Sergiy P. Grygoruk, Svitlana O. Dudukina 45-49
Cerebrospinal fluid composition after duraplasty with different substitutes in early and late postoperative periods (an experimental study) PDF
Volodymyr O. Pyatikop, Anna V. Kravtsova, Yuliya G. Sergiyenko, Liliya P. Abramova 50-56
Surgical tactics for multilevel displacements of lumbar intervertebral discs PDF (Українська)
Mykola O. Zorin, Dmitry V. Ovcharenko, Olexandr M. Shulga, Mykola M. Zorin 57-63
Theoretical substantiation of the efficiency of biopolymers application in experimental TBI (literature review and own results) PDF (Українська)
Andrii B. Panteleichuk, Nikolay V. Kadzhaya, Anna A. Shmeleva, Tatyana A. Malysheva, Olena P. Gnatyuk, Galyna I. Dovbeshko 64-71

To practicing physician

A new way of plastic replacement of the skin defects in the surgical treatment of malignant extracerebral tumors located at the midline of the head PDF (Українська)
Michail S. Kvasha, Tengiz A. Morozov 72-76


70th anniversary of Eugene Georgiyovych Pedachenko PDF (Українська)


Blessed memory of Professor Leonard Petrovych Chepkiy PDF (Українська)