Kyphoplasty in the treatment of thoracolumbar spine osteoporotic fractures


  • Borys Pavlov Painclinic, Kiev, Ukraine



osteoporosis, compressive fracture, balloon kyphoplasty, pain syndrome


Introduction: In osteoporosis is high risk of vertebral fractures significantly worsen the quality of life of patients. This is primarily due to persistent pain syndrome.

Materials and metods: Investigate the dynamics of pain and social adaptation of patients operated on for compression fractures of the spine with osteoporosis by percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty. 15 patients was operated. In 40% of cases occurred in a two-level compression, 60% - single-level compression. Unipedicular approach is made by 6 patients, and bipedicular - 9 patients. McGill and Oswestry Questionnaires were used for estimating the results of the operation.

Results: There weren`t any complications. All patients showed a reduction in the intensity of the pain syndrome and great social adaptation. This dynamic is most clearly revealed in the first 24 hours after surgery.

Conclusions: Balloon kyphoplasty allows to reduce pain and improve the social adaptation of patients.


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