Neuronavigation technology of virtual 3D planning and intraoperative tracking of laser thermodestruction in surgery of intra-axial brain tumors


  • Volodymyr Rozumenko Department of Intracerebral Tumors, Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, Kiev, Ukraine



brain tumor, neuronavigation, virtual surgery planning, laser thermodestruction


Objective. Optimization of surgical treatment in patients with intra-axial brain tumors using advanced laser and navigation technologies.

Materials and methods. A total of 148 patients with tumors in eloquent brain areas were operated with the use of laser thermodestruction in the integration with multimodal neuronavigation. The laser destruction of tumor tissue was performed using a semiconductor laser surgical device “Lika-Chirurg” and “Lika-Chirurg M” and the navigation system «StealthStation TREON Rlus.”

Results. Total resection of tumor was performed in 62 (41.9%) patients, subtotal - in 72 (48.6%), partial - in 14 (9.5%). The group of patients with Karnofsky Performance Scale Index 70 increased from 64.3% to 87.5% in postoperative period.

Conclusions. The method of laser thermodestruction accompanied by multimodal neuronavigation in patients with tumors in eloquent brain areas helps to increase the extent of resection, prevent surgical trauma and provides high levels of postoperative quality of life.


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