Effect of platelet-rich plasma on nerve and muscle regeneration after their traumatic injury


  • Vasyl Gayovich Clinic of Microsurgery and Reconstructive Surgery of Upper Extremity, Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Kiev, Ukraine




sciatic nerve, skeletal muscle, neurotomy, renewing, platelet-rich plasma


The purpose. To investigate the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on posttraumatic recovery processes in nerve and muscles of the extremity.

Materials and methods. Neurotomy of sciatic nerve was performed in WKY rats in the middle third of the thigh with it’s fragment removing (1 cm) and further autoplastics (“end-to-end” neurorrhaphy). 1 ml of PRP made from donors blood was applied on the surgical wound. The effectiveness of sciatic nerve recovery was studied according to histological and morphometric data, skeletal muscles — according to composition amino acids in tissues.

Results. Data of sciatic nerve histological examination showed active regenerative processes after autoplastics. The number of renewed nerve fibers in the distal nerve after PRP using significantly increased by 31.5%. According to data of biochemical analysis of skeletal muscle linked amino acids level after injury was 31.9% less than in control, after autoplastics and PRP application — 25.1% less (lysine level increased by 45.2%, aspartate — by 35.1%, valine — by 11.3%). The level of free amino acids after PRP introduction decreased.

Conclusions. PRP application optimizes regeneration and vascularization of sciatic nerve through the grafts at large defects, maintains renewing in skeletal muscles at prolonged posttraumatic denervation, stimulates protein synthesis.


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