Vol 25, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Review articles

The dual role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of traumatic brain injury PDF (Русский)
Nikolay I. Lisianyi 5-11

Original articles

Peculiarities of the third ventricle surgery in endoscopic frontal transcortical approach PDF
Orest I. Palamar, Andriy P. Huk, Dmytro I. Okonskyi, Ruslan V. Aksyonov, Dmytro S. Teslenko 12-17
Indices of coagulation hemostasis in patients with hemorrhagic stroke, associated with essential hypertension, after an early recovery period PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr V. Tkachyshyn 18-22
Experience of diagnostics and treatment of 34 cases of foramen magnum meningiomas PDF (Русский)
Yuriy G. Shanko, Arnold F. Smeyanovich, Vladimir V. Bulgak 23-31
Features of diagnosis and surgical treatment of acute dislocation syndrome in patients with intracranial cystic meningiomas PDF (Українська)
Long Jiang, Mikhail S. Kvasha, Kostyantyn M. Herasenko, Oleg P. Robak, Natalia Y. Dmitrieva, Inna M. Ivanovich 32-39
Surgical management of periventricular glioma: decision-making and preoperative assessment of resectability PDF
Artem V. Rozumenko, Valentyn M. Kliuchka, Volodymyr D. Rozumenko, Andrii V. Dashchakovskyi, Zoja P. Fedorenko 40-47
Structural and biological evaluation of new chitosan membrane for dural closure PDF
Volodymyr O. Pyatikop, Anna V. Kravtsova, Oksana V. Kalinkevich, Aleksei N. Kalinkevich 48-55
Post-traumatic disorders of consciousness: neuroimaging studies in the recovery process PDF (Русский)
Oleksandr V. Kulyk 56-62


Arnold Fedorovich Smeyanovich: to the 80th birthday PDF (Русский)