Significance of the magnetic resonance imaging while planning surgery of intramedullary spinal cord tumors

E. I. Slyn'ko, Ya. S. Babiy, A. V. Muravsky, V. V. Verbov, O. Yu. Chuvashova, R. B. Kostrytsya


MRI-diagnosis were retrospectively analyzed in 154 patients with intramedullary spinal cord tumors. The contrast enhancement was utilized in 36 (23%) of them. The detailed neuroradiological analysis allowed to minimized risk of intraoperative spine damage and could provide the prognosis of the future patient recovery.

Analysis of the magnetic-resonance imaging while intramedullary tumors resection planning must provide information concerning exact location of the tumor, relationship with cord, characteristics of the cyst, the precisely tumor borders, intra-extra axial tumor growing, and the histological diagnosis.


внутрішньоспинномозкові пухлини; передопераційне планування; магніторезонансна томографія


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