The blood peripheral content of the cells of innate and adaptive immunity in patients with brain tumors of various histogenesis

Nikolay I. Lisyanyi, Irina A. Gnedkova, Larisa A. Kot, Viktoriya V. Vaslovich, Anna A. Shmeleva


Objective: To study the changes in blood content of cells of innate and adaptive immunity in patients with brain tumors of various histogenesis.

Materials and metods. The content of leukocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils and platelets in the blood of 105 patients with cerebral tumors: 67 of neuroectodermal, 20 of mesenchymal and 18 of neuroepithelial origin. As a control, 28 patients with chronic diseases of the nervous system were examined.

Results. The peripheral blood content of cells of the immune system depended on the histogenesis of tumors. The greatest changes were detected in neuroectodermal tumors, whereas an increased level of neutrophils, platelets and decreased concentration of lymphocyte was revealed, and neuroepithelial tumors demonstrated the smallest changes (pituitary adenomas). The ratio of the platelet count to neutrophils or neutrophils to lymphocytes more informatively reflect the immune system state rather than the absolute content of these cells in the blood.

Conclusions. The indicators of the ratio of different cells of the immune system reflects the activation and inhibition of specific parts of the immune system in brain tumors.


immune cells; brain tumors of various histogenesis


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