Operative treatment of a lumbar spondylolisthesis with neurologic signs

E. I. Slinko, V. V. Verbov, A. I. Pastushin, A. V. Muravsky, M. E. Tsymbal, I. I. Al-Qashqish


We carry out inspection, surgical treatment and study of results of treatment 31 patients suffering from spondylolisthesis with neurologic signs. At all types of a spondylolisthesis were made decompression of neural roots and dural bag: at a spondylolisthesis I degree a redressation and stabilization were not carried out; at a spondylolisthesis II degrees we carried out a redressation and stabilized vertebras with cages, installed from back access (PLIF – posterior lumbar interbody fusion). The spondylolisthesis of the large degree (III–IV) was stabilized by installation cages from back access (PLIF) in a combination to installation transpedicular system. At all patients it was possible to achieve a reduction of a spondylolisthesis as a minimum on 1 degree, stabilization displaced vertebras. In overwhelming majority of cases achieve functional regress of a neurologic symptomatology.

The remote results were traced on 2–16 months at 14 patients: on the data Ro, CT and МRI at all patients the bone fusion achieved, progressing of a spondylolisthesis it was not marked. The patients with isthmic and dysplastic spondylolisthesis had stable neurologic condition. At 2 patients with a degenerative spondylolisthesis the relapse of a pain set of symptoms however less expressed on intensity took place than before operation.


spondylolisthesis; compression of the nerve roots; interbody fusion; transpedicular stabilization of the spine


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