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No 3 (2000) Certain aspects of management of CNS infections in patients with severe head trauma Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Anatoliy Kardash, Vladimir Cherniy, Georgiy Gorodnik, O. Dobrorodnova, E. Chepiga
No 1 (2012) Changes in сerebral hemodynamics in patients with severe traumatic brain injury after surgical decompression Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Lyudmila Dzyak, Andriy Sirko, V. Suk, L. Kremenchutska
No 1 (2015) Changes of ceruloplasmin and malonic dialdehyde level in patients with cerebral circulatory disorders Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Sergiy Minov, Olena Mironenko, Oleksandr Parkhomenko, Oleksandr Zhurahivskiy
No 4 (2013) Changes of functionally significant pathways of the brain at low-grade gliomas according to magnetic resonance tractography Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Olga Chuvashova, Kristiana Robаk
No 4 (2001) Characteristic of perifocal responses in a pathogeny of clinical manifestations of brain tumors Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Rozumenko, Sergey Usatov
No 3 (2013) Characteristics of compensatory-adaptive mechanisms depending on meningoencephalitis severity Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Viktor Matyash, Natalia Raletc, Elena Panasyuk
No 4 (2002) Choice of medical tactics at the patients with hypertensive intracerebral (of brain hemisphere) by hemorrhages Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L. A. Dzyak, N. A. Zorin, I. E. Pliushchev
No 2 (2012) Choroid plexus tumors Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yuriy Orlov, Andrii Shaverskyi, Аndriy Svyst
No 1 (2013) Chronic invasive electrical stimulation at treatment of obstetric brachial plexus injury Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yulia Tsymbalyuk, Ihor Tretyak, Nikolay Sapon
No 2 (2015) Cisplacel drug in combined and complex treatment of patients with high-grade (III–IV) brain gliomas Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Valeriy Sinajkо, Yuriy Shanko, Evgeniy Korotkevich, Pavel Bychkovsky, Tatyana Yurkshtovich, Yuriy Grachev, Nataliya Artemova
No 1 (2012) Classic Ukrainian neuromorphology Homynsky B.S. Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yuriy Vilenskiy
No 4 (2008) Clinic, diagnostics and treatment at neurinomas of limbs’ peripheral nerves Abstract   PDF (Українська)
V. I. Tsymbalyuk, I. B. Tretyak, M. D. Tonchev
No 1 (2001) Clinic- radiology’s standardization of medical — diagnostic measures by helping patients with acute brain injuries Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Anatoliy Kardash, Sergey Semisalov
No 3 (2001) Clinical and anatomical substantiation in predicting vast hemorrhage prior to meningioma surgery Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Leonard Chepkiy, S. Pasko, Aleksandr Lazun, L. Petrenko
No 1 (2000) Clinical and computer tomographіс features of anterior circulation arterial aneurysms ruptures Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Anatoliy Son
No 4 (2002) Clinical and diagnostic aspects and surgical treatment mieloradikulopaty caused by lumbar stenosis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
E. I. Slynko, A. L. Isayenko
No 2 (2015) Clinical and morphological estimation of radiation therapy efficiency in adults with medulloblastoma Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Vera Semenova, Oleksandr Lisianyi
No 1 (2016) Clinical and neurological predictors of outcome in the acute phase of cerebellar hemorrhage Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Konstantin Kondratyuk, Anatoliy Son
No 2 (2011) Clinical and neurophysiological analysis of chronic neuropathic pain syndrome at traumatic damage of extremities nerves Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Lidiya Chebotariova, Nikolay Sapon, Sergey Nelepin, Albina Tretiakova
No 1 (2012) Clinical and neurophysiological characteristics of patients with neurogenic intermittent claudication at the lumbar level spinal stenosis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Lidiya Chebotariova, Albina Tretiakova, Yuriy Pedachenko, Elena Krasilenko
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