The History of Neuroimmunology Department and the Using of Immunology Methods in Neurosurgery

Nikolay Lisianyi


The first immunology descoveries of neurosurgery diseases were made in 1971—1972, when the group of clinical immunology under the direction of senior research worker, candidate of medical science Prihodchenko I.0. was organized.

The laboratory of clinical immunology was organized in 1976. It was consisted of three doctors, two reseach workers and five laborants. This laboratory took part in the fulfilment of many scientific themes of neurosurgery.

In 1982 the laboratory of immunology was. reorganized to the department of neuroimmunology. Research workers take part in the fulfilment of such scientific problems as neurooncology, functional neurosurgery and neurotransplantation, cranio-cerebral trauma. From 1985 till 2000 research workers carried out 16 candidate’s dis¬sertations, I doctor’s dissertation, received 9 author’s certificates USSR, published 7 monographes and more than 200 scientific works. This results allowed to describe clinical-immunological symptomocomplex, which was called “neurogenic immunode-ficites”, determined the immune function of microglia. This findings allowed to suggest the theory of “local immune system” of brain an described the neuroimmune part of patogenesis of postradiation encephalopathy.

The new methods of spesific and adjuvant immunotherapy in neurosurgery diseases were introdused and such medical drugs as levamizol, tactivin, myelopid, laferon, groprinosine, amixin were inculcated to the wide medical network.


neurosurgery; immunology; neuroimmunology

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