New possibilities of peripheral nerves compressive damage treatment

O. A. Goncharuk, Yu. S. Lisaychuk, O. Yu. Tarapon


Authors offer technique of preventive maintenance fulfilled in experiment and the approved in clinic and treatments of peripheral nerves compressive damage.

The original experimental model — a rabbit ear was used. In an ear tissue a cavity was formed, into which specially prepared fatty aspirator with inguinal areas was entered. The changes of aspirate were studied in the remote periods of experiment.

Being based on results of experimental researches, authors, in clinical practice introduced a technique of nervous trunks protection from compression by their environment using fatty tissue aspirate.

Fatty tissue transplantation as a final stage of neurolysis of nervous trunks, or as the method of preventive maintenance of peripheral nerves possible compressions opens new possibilities in this section of neurosurgery.


peripheral nerves; compression; neurosis; transplantation of adipose tissue


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