The surgical treatment improving at Lennox–Gastaut syndrome

A. O. Laponogov, V. I. Tsymbalyuk, K. R. Kostyuk


The modern sights of Lennox–Gastaut syndrome management are given. The surgical methods, used in Lennox–Gastaut syndrome treatment are described. The results of one-stage bilateral stereotactic cryoamygdalectomy application in 8 children with Lennox–Gastaut syndrome are presented. In five cases the syndrome transformed from West syndrome. Most children had birth hypoxia, their seizures were resistance to antiepileptic treatment. In postoperative period (from 3 months to 4 years) one patient became seizure-free, other five children demonstrated seizure frequency reduction. In 2 cases the seizure frequency did not change. There were no surgical complications. The safety and efficacy of one-stage stereotactic bilateral amygdale complex ablation in children with Lennox–Gastaut syndrome were established.


синдром Леннокса–Гасто; епілепсія; стереотаксичні операції; двобічна кріоамигдалектомія.


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